Take A Shower

Taking a shower is pretty much
the best thing to do if you're in for some serious
Get ready to get clean!


Do It Yourself: Batik

It's impossibly easy.
And. SO. Much. Fun. 

  1.  Just take coloured dyestuff,  dissolve it in a bucket in about 6 litres of hot water. 
  2.  Take elastics, and ligate them around small parts of the garment you want to BATIK.
  3. Put it into the bucket and wait for, like, 20 minutes. 
  4. Take it out.

It looks like this:


Return Home

Not only your family
loves that.
You're gonna be rewarded.
We swear. 

This wonderful place can be found in western Germany. At the moment, only two people live here, but it accommodates up to 10. It's the best home you can imagine.


Travel To Japan

Now winter season is still on,
y u no travel to where powder
is believed to be not only the best,
but as well the highest amount??
Aight, this price goes to Japan.
This awesome vid comes from the even more awesome Mustachios. Visit them!


Do an orgy!

You always look for something
exciting. There you go!

It's nice anyways.

 This super porn comes from Antique Porn and seems to happen in... the 60s!



Just let Buddha
calm you down.
It cures all issues.... 
This small buddha is a gift and protects the house from any evil. Right next to it, there's the GummiLove Mag, a worth-to-support thing enhancing the awareness for safer sex.


Build A Kicker

The most basic thing to do
in the mountains
with the most epic fun

This shot was made in Kühtai, Austria. Wait for the film release in April 2012 on Epicexistence!


Feel like summer

You're not gonna regret it.
Opens your heart & soul.

Beautiful picture comes from beautiful Givenchy Boy.



Spreading love includes
hating stuff
every once
in a while.
Cause we don't, we just give you the right adress.
Nice, The Necessary Hate!


Get Some Attitude

Nothin sexier
than people
who know what they
(don't) want.

How' bout demonstrating against ACTA today?

Pic was brought to you by infamously cool livinsponge. Niice!


Be Mysterious

Sometimes you're
even more awesome
your best talents.
Mysterious Knight


The first two gifs are from Cocobella, the third one's from I Heart Berlin


Have A Sleepover Paaaartey!

Nights full of
munchies, friends,
old stories, chick flicks,
weed, and everything
that makes a great (grown-up)

Anything more to say???

This perfect crib comes from momtastic. Seriously the best thing ever!

Get featured

Shornnape likes undercuts.
We like Shornnape!

Watch Gifs

We heard
it's the new porn.
It's never been so cool, though.


This one comes from Killing Pinoccio. They also have stills over there.


Wear a mask

There's hundreds of
legends & tales
around wearing masks.

They disguise you, degenrate your identity
and create a new one at the same time!
Sometimes, it's fetish,
and sometimes, it's just fun.
The girl wears an original Venezian carnival mask from a local fleamarket. Shot at the ISPO Pleasure Party in Munich, End of Jan 2012.


Look forward to The Bat Empire

The Bat Empire
is gonna be a big suprise.
Check this blog frequently
to get more information
about what makes The Bat fly:

Creativity and Snow!

Kimbra - Two Way Street (Beni Remix)

This is just a sneak of what's comin; 
music comes from Blablablahscience.


Party Naked

For example
in the shower.
This one comes from epic inspirational blog JJJound. Naked Parties are over here!


Get a new haircut

Good haircuts make
others forget about label fetishism.

How 'bout an undercut?
They say it's hipster but to be honest
there's pretty much zero chance to see
anybody else with this one.

This is Nina, having a fresh small undercut. Sweet, right?


Your guns. Emotional sexual psychological physical mental musical ethical ones. It's gonna blow everybody's mind.
This picture comes from Wild Harness.


Visit Berlin

Better you visit 
Hood: Friedrichshain
Club: Kater Holzig 
Shop: Weekday / The Local Spätkauf
Cafe: The Goodies
Event: The Fashion Week

Better you do 
Club Mate / Wodka drinking
Boxhagener Fleamarket visit
Serious Partytime
Founding a gang
Giving the gang a good name


Hear Vinyls.

Vinyl is so much more than just
or pseudo.

It's aesthetical,
and never dying.

 This is friend Rieke, shot by photographer Oliver Rath.
Rieke is freshly signed on Indeed Models.


Go Snowboarding.

Being out in nature
cures pretty much everything.
Especially when having the chance to
ride some extraordinary car, snowboard, and line.
You see here: 

Posted by Picasa


Make Your Perfect World

At least in form of graphics.

So, in a perfect world...
These magnificent graphics come from Sad and Useless. Cool!



Sometimes, there's no other chance to regain strength and creativity. So take a deep sleep or a simple nap. You'll rise like a phoenix. Word.

The Beds you see here are from those websites. Good night!



But know where the paradoxon is.

This one shows how paradox protest can be sometimes. via



It's so basic.
It makes you free.
There is few things
that have more style
than somebody



Marcel is a brainer.
So, he invented
something called Quote.fm.

He says

Epic Existence says
it's worth Your time.
Cause now
You don't have
to waste some

Party a lot

This infographic 
tells you what to do. 
Quit the PC
in favour of 
some outdoor activity.


Essentials: The Hat

Essential for: Males
Reason for becoming an essential: Keypiece accessoire, useful to cover bolds, completes + enhances the average look
Reasonable pricing for a good one: 20$-60$


Essentials: The Leather Jacket

Essential for: Females, males only sometimes.

Reason for becoming an Essential: Wearable throughout the year, to any dresscode
Reasonable pricing for a good one: 150- ...$

This is Vogue France editor in chief Emmanuelle Alt, wearing the classy Balenciaga Jacket.

Do Changes: Essentials

There's a new part of Epic Existence.
It's called "Essentials" and can be found
in the tag line.

Essentials are important because
once you own an essential,
you don't need something else.

It saves nerves, energy, resources and space.


Visit Nicaragua

Nicaragua is poor
in terms of monetary abilities.
But it is rich in all other ways.
Though 40% of the people live under the
international poverty line,
they rank within the top ten
of the world's Happy Planet Index.
This means,
 they are some of the happiest people of the world.

I promise. It is true. There is a lot of love. And good waves.

This shot is made on playa Maderas, Nicaragua.
The wave breaks pretty much the whole time, 
with 330 days of offshore wind and 
some magnificent ground swell.